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Will Pest Control Spray Kill My Grass


Will Pest Control Spray Kill My Grass

Right now, when you look out the window of your Gilbert home, you probably see a lawn that is transitioning from winter to summer grass. It might be brown in some areas…it might look dead in others…and still other areas (under a tree perhaps) are green and beautiful.
You work hard on that lawn, and when you spray for weeds or spray for pests, the last thing you want to worry about is whether that pest control or weed spray will kill your beautiful lawn.

This is exactly what our Gilbert pest control professionals worry about as well. The last thing that we want to do is get rid of scorpions and your green grass with our sprays.

So, here at Magic Pest Control, we go to great lengths to make sure your Springtime flowers, your blooming bushes, even your green grass, doesn’t turn brown after our visit.

Rest assured, when you have one of our Gilbert pest control professionals out to your home, your grass, your flowers, your pets, kids and the rest of the family, are safe.

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