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Why You Should Call Pest Control for Scorpions

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Why You Should Call Pest Control for Scorpions

There are many different species of scorpions throughout Phoenix, AZ, and although many of them are not considered to be incredibly dangerous, almost all of them can cause a potentially dangerous allergic reaction. If you have scorpions in your home it is certainly not a pleasant or comfortable to see them, but it can even be dangerous if you happen to have the Bark Scorpion or if you or a family member has a potential allergy to their venom.

You Never Know How You Will React To Scorpion Stings

You should never underestimate the potential health problems that a scorpion sting can cause, especially when you haven’t been stung before. You never know how your body will react to a scorpion sting. Everyone reacts differently; some people have little to no reaction to their stings while other people have serious allergic reactions that can require hospitalization. It’s safer to assume that a scorpion is dangerous rather than not dangerous and it’s a good idea to call pest control when you see even one in your home.

Children and Elderly People are Susceptible

You should also keep in mind that children and elderly people are more susceptible to scorpions, so if you have children or any elderly visitors or members of your family you will definitely want to call pest control if you have scorpions. Just one scorpion sting can be seriously dangerous for children or the elderly, and no matter what type of scorpion it is, a sting will require medical attention and hospitalization in some cases.

Bark Scorpions are Particularly Dangerous

Although most of the scorpion species in Arizona are not considered to be very dangerous, the Bark Scorpion is one variety that can cause serious reactions for everyone including children, adults and the elderly. You will definitely want to call pest control if you think that you have Bark Scorpions in your home, as their venom is particularly dangerous. A professional pest control company will also be able to tell you what type of scorpions are in your home if you aren’t sure and eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Call the Scorpion Experts

The expert scorpion exterminators here at Magic Pest Control have generations of experience with all types of pests, particularly scorpions. We’ve been all over the valley, from Glendale to Gilbert, getting scorpions out of homes and keeping them out of homes. Call today!

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