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When Are Termites Most Active?

Traces of termites eat old wood.

When Are Termites Most Active?

We talk about termites quite often. It’s kind of what we do…termite control…keeping your home safe and in one piece…literally.
But, one of the questions that we come across from our homeowners and clients is, ‘when are termites most active?’
“Do termites slow down in the winter?”
“Do termites multiply in the spring?”
“Do termites prefer one type of wood over another?”

Today, let’s dive into the season for termites…
When To Watch Out For Termites
Spring and summer are the most active seasons for termites here in Arizona.
Termites swarm each spring in an effort to find a mate and establish new colonies. These swarms can occur indoors or outdoors and can include thousands of winged termites.
Because spring has come early here in Arizona, termites are getting busy, invading your home and yards.
In the winter months, termites tend to simply burrow deeper into the ground to keep warm.
However, right now, as temperatures reach record-breaking heights, termites are loving it.
They’re coming up and out of their deep hiding, and beginning to make their way into your home.
Just as bees and ants and every other species of insect and animal comes out of hiding when temperatures began to rise, termites will become more visible.
If you can’t tell the difference between flying ants and termites…if you aren’t sure you’re seeing termite tubes on the walls…if you’re seeing wood shavings for no reason…you need to give our termite control experts a call immediately:
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