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When Are Bed Bugs Most Active?

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When Are Bed Bugs Most Active?

Bed bugs are more than a nuisance, they pack a bite. They also are difficult to get rid of.
Now, when it comes to when bed bugs are most active, we tend to answer that question in two forms:

  • When are they most active in terms of hours of the day…
  • When are the most active in terms of season of the year…
Hours of the Day
Bed bugs are most active when you’re least active….usually during the evening hours. We find that bed bugs are most active between the hours of 3am and 6am.
However, this greatly depends upon your sleep schedule.
Bed bugs will be inactive during the day when no one is around for…well, for feedings.
Bed bugs will become very active in the evening when you’re fast asleep, in bed, and they find that it’s time for a snack.
Bed Bug Season
Bed bug season tends to be when the temperatures warm up, particularly in the summer months.
While bed bugs remain active throughout the entire year, it’s during the summer that they really start to cause a fuss.
When the temperatures warm up, including our unseasonable warm February that we’re having, bed bugs enjoy more feedings and more breeding.
If you think that you might have bed bugs, it’s imperative that you call the bed bug exterminators here at Magic Pest Control.
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