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What’s the Deal with Termites in Arizona?

What’s the Deal with Termites in Arizona?

Termites have the uncanny way of getting people interested looking at them. However, the damage they cause can be a nightmare.

What's the Deal with Termites in Arizona?

What do they destroy?

Termite’s primary source of food is wood. However, they will chew through;

· Insulation

· Books

· Wooden furniture

· Wooded sculptures among others.

Left unchecked, termites can easily bring down homes. Obviously they cost of building a home afresh is challenging to people.

How can you tell you have termites in your building?

If your home is primarily wooden, you have to be extra cautious. This however does not limit termite infestation to wooden structures. Basically, they will look for any opening to get into your home and chew down your furniture. Meaning, metal and plastic structures too can easily be raided by termites. The question therefore becomes; how do you do a termite inspection without damaging your home?

While termite infestation is not obvious, some outward signs should draw special attention. For instance;

1. Continuously raising wooden surfaces.

2. Thinning and softening of wooden walls.

3. Sounds within your walls.

4. Crumbling walls, cabinets and furniture.

Once you see these signs, it is time to get a little more serious and physically check for the termites. The beauty about termites is they will not scamper away once they hear you coming. Therefore, using a strong light and checking through wall cavities you are able to assess the situation.

While this may sound easy to do, if the architectural structure of a building is too complex, doing a proper termite inspection can prove quite hard or even impossible. Due to this you are well advised to seek the services of a professional termite inspection team.

Why is it important to seek help?

Subterranean termites generally build their nests on soft ground and may dig through to the floors of your home with little to no notice from you. Their damage however can lead to heavy loses and possible injuries should you fall through weakened floors.

Dry wood termites on the other hand are much more noticeable, but are generally large in numbers. Therefore the damage they cause is swift and costly.

Termite inspection and removal can be a long and tedious process. That is why you should contact us. We have many years’ experience, have inspected many homes for termites and have a very high rate of success. As we serve you, we will consider your pocket and ensure we give you service that is instantly gratifying service. Talk to us. We are the professionals you need.

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