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What’s a Termite Inspection Consist of?

What’s a Termite Inspection Consist of?

When it comes to your home you want to make sure that it is free of any nasty pests and safe from any damage. This is why having a termite inspection done at least once a year on your home is important because termites will eat the wood in your home from the inside out and cause a lot of costly damage to your home, and the worst part is, there could be a lot of damage caused by the termites because it will be later than sooner when you realize you have them. If you happen to suspect that you might have termites, it is better to call to have a proper termite inspection done rather than chance it.

Here are a few things to know about a termite inspection. For starters, a termite inspection can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of your home and whether or not you have a packed attic or basement, because the inspector will inspect the entire interior of your home to look for any possible signs and/or damage caused by the termites.

A lot of people may not know that termites are known for staying closer to the ground, but a termite inspection is looking for other wood destroying insects, such as ants and/or carpenter bees. So, this is why an inspector will inspect your attic as well. The inspector will be looking for mud tunnels, also known as termite tubes, inside the home, as well as the exterior, these could be found on the home’s walls and ceilings. They will also be checking the eaves of your home and inspect all wood for any signs and damaged caused by termites.

Once, the inspection is done, they inspector will write up a report of all the damage caused and other items that he or she found during the inspection that may be of concern, regarding termites, ants, or carpenter bees. Once the inspector has done this, he or she will go over a termite treatment plan with you in order to help you flush these costly and annoying pests out of your home.

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