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What to do if You See a Bee Swarm

Bees are going in and out of their beehive,  close up

What to do if You See a Bee Swarm?

While the scorpions and snakes are making their way out of hiding for food and water…so too are bees. Most notably, Spring Training here in Arizona is also associated with bee swarms, as they tend to find their way to baseball fields around the valley.

You will no doubt see some swarm attack or Spring Training incident in the next few weeks. This is bee season, and the swarms are making their way across the valley.

If you see, or hear, a bee swarm approaching…

Or if you find a beehive in your neighborhood…

Here’s what you need to know:

Call a professional immediately! Do not try to deal with the beehive or swarm on your own. Only a trained professional should handle bees.

Clear the area. Keep all children and pets away, as well as seniors. The one most susceptible to extreme health issues should remain clear of the area.

Stay calm. Bees cannot ‘smell fear,’ but they can tell if something ‘strange’ or unknown is near their hive or their queen. If you run or swat your arms around, it’s not fear that bees sense but aggression, and they will attack to protect their hive and queen.

Stay quiet. Noises such as barking dogs, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, or any other lawn maintenance tool that is loud can disturb bees and send a swarm your way on the attack.

Head Indoors. If you see a swarm, a beehive, or if you’ve been stung, head indoors immediately. Do not jump in the pool to escape bees. Bees might follow you inside, but tend to become confused by the sharp change in temperature from outdoors to indoors.

Do Not Squish Bees. When a bees is squished, it emits a scent that actually attracts more bees.

If you are at a Giants Spring Training game, or simply doing yard work, and you see a beehive or hear a swarm approaching, get indoors and call in a professional immediately.

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