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What is Scorpion Dusting?

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What is Scorpion Dusting?

You’ve probably heard the term a few times, dusting, from Gilbert pest control professionals.

When our guys come out to your home, we not only spray for scorpions and other types of pests, we dust as well.

Insecticide dusts are just that…a powder pest control medium that allows our Magic Pest Control professionals to cover an area, such as the inside of block walls, with a more effective technique.

Today, let’s talk about pest control dusts, why we use them, and what they do…

Pest Control Dusting

An insecticide dust is a dry formulation of a contact insecticide.  Dusts are used in different areas such as gardens, wall voids and other areas where certain bugs are pests.  

Dust formulated insecticides are injected into cracks and crevices with a Crusader Duster or broadcast in attics, gardens, crawl spaces with a Dustin Mizer crank duster.

If you’re using pest control dust at home, it’s important to know how to use it. Pest control dust is not like spray, and thus cannot be used in the same way.


Do not use it in open areas such as cabinets and along baseboards. This would be an improper use of the product. The roaches, scorpions and ants will simply go around the small piles of dust, making it completely ineffective.

A dust should be applied to cracks, crevices, entry points and hiding places.  Wall voids and areas beneath false bottoms of cabinets are good places to apply a dust.  These are the areas where bugs hide and they are out of reach of pets and children.

Our Gilbert pest control professionals actually use a duster that puffs thin clouds of this pest control dust into any cracks in your foundation or walls, crevices and voids around plumbing, and in between seals on block fencing.

These surfaces will now contain small amounts of insecticide that bugs cannot avoid as they crawl through the area, giving you a better kill or knock-down of your targeted pest.  

If you are seeing scorpions, ants or spiders in or around your Gilbert home, give the pest control experts at Magic Pest Control a call. We’ll spray, dust and lay out glue traps!

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