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What Factors Determine How Abundant Scorpions Will Become During The Summer In Arizona?


What Factors Determine How Abundant Scorpions Will Become During The Summer In Arizona?

Many people would agree that the creepiest arthropods in the United States can all be found within Arizona. While the state’s native tarantula species may be frightening to look at, they are largely harmless; instead, it is the scorpions you have to watch out for. The most venomous scorpion species that exists in the US, the bark scorpion, dwells within Arizona. When it comes to arachnids, the bark scorpion is the most significant threat to public health in the state. According to officials with Banner Medical Center in Arizona, scorpion-related medical issues are far more common than any other type of animal-related medical issue in the state. In other words, scorpions are more dangerous than coyotes, javelinas, and even mosquitoes.

Scorpion abundance within the state varies from year to year. Several climatic factors contribute to this annual fluctuation in scorpion population size. The early spring of 2016 saw a particularly large scorpion population emerge within Arizona, especially within the city of Phoenix. 2016 saw numerous residents sustain scorpion stings before the summer season arrived, and the amount of reported stings during this year has not yet been surpassed. Before March 5th of 2016, 588 scorpion stings were addressed at the Banner Medical Center, which marked a 46 percent increase over the previous year’s numbers.

When scorpions emerge unusually early in the year, as they did in 2016, then scorpion populations will become unusually large during the summer. Two factors made 2016 unusual in terms of scorpion abundance. The first factor was the remarkably wet January, and the second was the strangely hot February. When a new year in Arizona is met with such odd climatic conditions, then you can expect a scorpion-rich spring and summer. You can count of scorpions being abundant within Arizona no matter the year or climatic conditions. Once the weather becomes consistently warm within the state, then you should start to be mindful of scorpions in both outdoor and indoor environments.

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