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What Attracts Scorpions to Your Home?

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Hearing the scorpion’s name inside the home is not less than a nightmare, giving spine chills to the homeowners. Well, these elusive creatures are not as dangerous as they look. However, suspecting their activity inside your house may pose a threat of stinging to you and your loved ones. Thus, it is crucial to remove the scorpion infestation from your home immediately.

But, before getting rid of these pests, let’s understand what attracts these creatures to enter your home as uninvited guests and stay inside your home-invading your property.

What attracts scorpions to your home?


Scorpions are nocturnal creatures and prefer to stay in darker places. These arachnids hide in the day under the wall foundations, cracks, holes, and crevices of the property. Just like other crawly critters, darkness helps these creatures to hide them from predators. It makes them safe from sunlight exposure and heat.

The scorpions are active at night because it helps them to preserve the water levels they use for managing body temperatures.

Also, during the nighttime, it is easy for them to sneak up on their prey.

Scorpions feel safe inside the house, and basement areas or dark garages provide an ideal place to hide. Also, the fascinating fact is that scorpions glow in the UV light. The chemicals present in the hyaline layer make them shine in the UV light. So, homeowners need not worry at night. If you want to check their presence or activity, flash the UV backlight on the possible areas of scorpion’s infestation.


Just like every living being needs water for its survival, scorpions are not an exception. They need water for survival, especially during the summer season when the weather is hot. These creatures wander and get inside your home in search of moisture and water.

Most of the time, these creatures enter through the plumbing system and drainage areas. These scorpion entrances help us to explain why we find scorpions inside the bathroom and kitchen areas. Apart from these areas, scorpions are attracted to water puddles and standing water because they prey inside the water.


Scorpions tend to live in areas where they can easily hide because they are sensitive to heat and light.

Of course, these creatures prefer to stay outside, but if they look for something or if the natural habitat is disturbed, they will travel to your home and be uninvited guests invading your property.

The scorpions would have the best option to stay and hide inside your home if your house has a lot of clutter.

Piles of logs, clothes, bark, and straw kept inside or outside your home will increase the odds of attracting the scorpions.

Clear the clutter to decrease the chances of getting scorpion infestation.

Food sources:

Scorpions feed on spiders, beetles, ants, and small lizards. If your house is a home to these bugs, there are high chances that scorpions get attracted to your house. Remove these pests, which in turn will decrease the scorpion from getting attracted to your property.

Wrapping up:

As you have understood why scorpions get attracted to your house, make sure to follow the above instructions. In case the problem increases, call professional experts to remove the scorpion infestation quickly.

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