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What Are Termite Tubes?

What Are Termite Tubes?

If you find termite tubes anywhere near your home or business in Gilbert, AZ, don’t panic but you’ll need to start taking steps to investigate if you have termites. The chances are that termites have invaded some part of your building, and they are a tell tale sign that termites have made their way into your home from underground. The mud tubes protect them from the environment as they travel back and forth between the structure and the ground. It also protects them from predators, and it is made from a mixture of soil and feces.

What Are Termite Tubes?

Termite Tubes Look Like Pencil Shaped Tubes of Mud

There are several images and videos of termite tubes online, but generally they look like pencil shaped tubes of mud. They will extend into a wooden structure or a wall in various irregular patterns. They can be located around termite nests, stone foundations and concrete as well. If you have had termites the past you’ll need to check your building regularly for these tubes. If you spot any, be sure to call an exterminator as quickly as possible to investigate it further.

Termite Tubes are Not Always a Sign of Termites

Some termite tubes can be left over from abandoned nests or not being used at the moment. To test if they are active, break a center section of them off and leave the top and bottom sections intact. If the center section is repaired, then the tubes are still active. If it isn’t repaired the chances are that the nest is somewhere else or not active. You should still contact an exterminator in either case because it is possible that you still have termites elsewhere on the property.

The Network of Tubes Can Be Vast

In other climates outside of Gilbert, AZ, termites can build massive structures very quickly. Seeing just a few termite tubes can be the sign of a seriously large nest that could be destroying your home or business. The amount of damage that these insects can cause can be vast, and they are very quick and efficient with their building and destruction of wood furniture, structures and more. Be sure to contact a local pest control company to stop the termites if you find termite tubes.

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