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What Are Pest Control Granules?

What Are Pest Control Granules?

Here at Magic Pest Control, we use many different forms of pest control. We use the spray. We use the dusting method. And we use the granules, when we’re out for scorpions.

Of course, when we’re out for termites, the methods are completely different.

But, some of our most routine pest control services are our scorpion treatments, every month, all summer long, many times throughout the entire year.

One of the questions we get quite often is:

“What are those and why do you use them?”

Pest control granules are truly just another way to keep scorpions, and other pests like cockroaches, away from your home. We lay them around your property, but most often we lay these pest control granules around the base of your Gilbert home.

A few weeks back, we recorded a Facebook Live video directly from a scorpion control treatment at a Gilbert home.

In this segment, you can see our exterminators using those pest control granules:


As you can see from the video, these granules are activated and work like a charm. Scorpions, cockroaches, crickets and all types of pests will not only eat these granules, they’ll take these granules back to their friends and families…well, other pests.

DIY Granules for Pest Control

The biggest mistake that many Gilbert homeowners make when using pest control granules, most often used for ants and ant piles, is to clump all of the granules into one small area…usually right on top of the ant pile.

Your best be is to actually spread those granules all over the place. Spread them around the base of your home to keep scorpions and cockroaches aware…setting up a perimeter for pests.

Spread them out along the entire ‘highway’ those red ants are taking too and from your home.

Rain and Pest Control Granules

The best part about these pest control granules is that when they get damp or wet, they become that much more effective!

When these pest control granules become wet, they are spread into the soil…released into the soil for maximum effect. So, if you lay these pest control granules DIY, or after our pest control experts leave your home after a scorpion treatment, spray some water down on the granules.

Now, don’t wash them away, but dampen them a bit. It will release them into the soil for maximum effect.

These pest control granules are a wonderful service that our pest control experts provide. 

If you’re struggling to get rid of scorpions on your property, call us now: (480) 725-3041.

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