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Video Showing Bed Bugs Infesting Multiple Motorized Shopping Scooters In A Phoenix Walmart Has Gone Viral


Video Showing Bed Bugs Infesting Multiple Motorized Shopping Scooters In A Phoenix Walmart Has Gone Viral

Walmart stores see a great deal of human traffic, and they are not known for being immaculate and well kept, but most people would not consider themselves vulnerable to bed bugs simply by walking into a Walmart location. However, considering that Walmart is the most profitable retail store chain in the world that attracts people of all types, it should not be surprising to learn that bed bugs have been found in Walmart stores in the past. Just like airplanes, airports, public libraries and movie theaters, Walmart stores see a massive amount of people coming in and out on a daily basis. And since many Walmart stores are open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the risk of a person transporting bed bugs into a Walmart store is particularly high. However, unlike other locations that see a high amount of human traffic, Walmart customers do not share seats with other people, therefore, the risk of spreading bed bugs from customer to customer should be pretty low, right? Well, there are always motorized scooters available to people who have difficulty walking, and as it happens, this is exactly where bed bugs were found three years ago in a Phoenix Walmart store. After one couple noticed the bloodscuking insects infesting the fabric cushion of a motorized scooter, they found bed bugs on yet another scooter. Upon arriving home, the couple posted video footage of the bed bug infested scooters to social media sites, and not long afterward, the video went viral. Needles to say, this viral footage has not helped the chain store’s already compromised reputation.

The footage shows bed bugs crawling all over scooters in a Phoenix Walmart located on 35th Avenue and Bethany Home Road. Walmart officials have not said much about the infested scooters, but they did respond to reporters via email saying that the compromised scooters have been removed from the store. Unfortunately, the man sustained several bites before he realized the scooter was infested. Upon finding another scooter, he noticed that it too was infested with bed bugs. Of course, the couple notified the manager, but he claimed to not see any bed bugs on the scooters. The couple filled out a complaint form, but they were not issued a copy, even after asking for one. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites exploded with negative feedback from thousands of Americans who responded to the situation with disgust.

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