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Using Velcro Strips to Keep Scorpions Out

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Using Velcro Strips to Keep Scorpions Out

Did you know that something as simple as a velcro strip can help keep scorpions out of your home?

You’re doing everything that you can to keep scorpions out of your home. You spray and lay down Diatomaceous Earth. You try to seal up any cracks or caulking splits. You even apply extra weather strips around your doors and windows.

And yet, somehow, those pesky scorpions are finding their way into your home.

The easiest thing that you can do is to call Magic Pest Control to come out to your Gilbert home…especially with the great scorpion specials that we have running right now.

But, sometimes you just have to go DIY and seal up your Gilbert home from pests in the best ways that you know how.

So, today I want to tell you about a little known pest control secret that will help you achieve your goal, and keep scorpions out of your home for good!

Using Velcro Strips to Keep Scorpions Out

Velcro Weather Stripping

You may have never heard or seen velcro weather stripping at your local hardware store. It’s not often used to keeping the heat out during the summer, or the air conditioned, cool air in.

Because of it’s design, this velcro stripping is also called hook and loop tapes.

Head down to Walmart, Home Depot or Lowe’s and ask for some velcro strips…or velcro weather strips… and you might get a funny look or two.

But, because of the design and structure of these strips, scorpions will avoid them.

Yes, scorpions like surfaces that they can cling on to…

Surfaces like stucco walls, block walls, concrete, etc.

But, just as a cow will avoid crossing a cow guard because of the spaces between bars, a scorpion will avoid (or get stuck) in a velcro strip because of the spaces, or hooks and loops.

Where do you put the velcro strips?

Grab some with a sticky side and place it beneath your door or in front of the door, underneath the door threshold, around the sides the top of the door, and around windows.

The next time you have our Magic Pest Control exterminators out to your Gilbert home, ask us about velcro strips, and any other tips we might have for keeping pests out of your house!

Our guys are always willing to share their extensive knowledge on scorpions and pest control!

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