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Using Magic Pest Control for Bee Removal

Using Magic Pest Control for Bee Removal

When it comes to most pest control in Arizona jobs, response time is more a matter of providing quality service than of safety. Our Gilbert exterminators are always prompt and courteous when taking care of the pests around your home, and in most situations the speed of our response time is not a life-or-death situation.

However, when it comes to bees in Arizona and the incredible amount of aggressive bees that we’ve been seeing, our pest control team’s response time has taken on a whole new responsibility.

When dealing with Africanized Honey Bees in Arizona, or with the less aggressive species of honey bees, quick response time from pest control companies in Gilbert can literally mean lie or death.

First off, if you think that you might be dealing with an extremely aggressive swarm of bees and have animals or children around, call the local fire department. They have the capabilities of getting to your location safer and quicker than any pest control company. In any other case of bee control in Arizona, give us a call.

If you’re facing a bee hive and wondering who to call, you’ll want to consider these qualities in a pest control company:

  • Response Time – We offer same day bee removal, and in the most serious cases can be on your property extremely quickly. We have offices and offer pest control in Mesa, pest control in Scottsdale, pest control in Gilbert, Queen Creek, Phoenix and Maricopa, with bee control and removal in all areas of the state. With so many trucks and highly trained bee removal technicians, we are able to arrive on your property very quickly.
  • 1 Year Guarantee – There aren’t many pest control companies in Arizona that offer a 1 year guarantee on bee removal jobs. However, bees can be a serious threat to you, your family and your pets, so it’s important to us to get the job done right and make sure it stays that way throughout the year.
  • Experience – It’s imperative that any bee removal technician have experience with removing bee hives and bee extermination in Arizona. The last thing that you want to deal with is a rookie arriving on your property with fear in his eyes. Bees are not to be toyed with, and if they are aggressive they need extra care and attention to detail. Removal involves more than just exterminating or moving the bees, it involves a whole host of cleanup responsibilities to that the bees do not smell and return to the same spot. At Magic Pest Control, our bee specialists all have between 5 to 30 years of experience working with bees, so we absolutely know what we’re doing.
  • Price – If a pest control company in Arizona does not give you a quote over the phone, but instead tells you that you will receive an estimate on the job, call us. We give quotes and estimates for every bee removal job right over the phone.

Facing a bee hive, whether it’s in your home, in the walls of your home, in the electric box out front or the tree out back, we are highly trained in bee removal in Arizona and are ready to serve you. Even if your bee hive is 100 feet up in the air hanging on a branch above your home, we can take care of it. Give us a call today.

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