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Types of Property Damages by The Silent Destroyers: Termites

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Termites are the most annoying stealthy pests that are home destroyers. They cause more property damage each year than fires, tornadoes, and floods combined. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause property damage to over 6 lakh homes annually in the United States. They are not invaders that sneak in from outside. Instead, they attack your home from underneath, from inside of your walls and furniture. They can destroy your home’s structure even before you realize their presence.

Irrespective of the type of house you live in, none is safe from termite infestation. Their damage can undermine your property value, make it uninhabitable and demand costly repairs. This blog discusses the potential damage that termite infestation can cause so that you are well-prepared.

Let’s dive in!

Termite Damage

Homes built from any materials can host termite infestations. They can move even through plasters and metal siding. Yes! Do not underestimate the power of termites. They can eat everything, from wooden furniture, floors to ceilings and cabinets. Listed below are some major damages caused by termites.

  • Structural damage:Termites need moisture to survive and prefer to live in a damp environment. Hence, they start from the bottom-up, damaging homes from beneath, targeting foundation walls and crawl space structures.
  • Ceiling Damage: Termites feed on floors, furniture, picture frames, books, window trims, organic materials, cellulose, and ceilings. Ceiling damage means light water damage causing the ceiling to sag and buckle.
  • Foundation Damage:Termites live underground and are always in search of food. Exposed gaps or wood underground. Any exposed wood, or underground gaps, gives easy access to termites to cause severe damage to the foundation of your home.
  • Wall Damage:Walls are highly susceptible to termite damage. Since walls are thinner, termite infestation spread fast and damages the strength of the wall. Termites can also harm the wood framing inside the walls.
  • Laminate Flooring Damage:Termites can eat through the laminate and damage the laminate flooring by creating small holes that may look like normal water damage. However, laminate in the infested areas will sag and blister with a visible hollow network of tunnels beneath the buckled areas.
  • Furniture damage:It is obvious that the first thing these wood lovers will feast on is furniture. They can turn wood into dust in no time. Wooden furniture in your homes, like the drawers, bookshelves, antiques, couch frames, and others, are vulnerable to termite infestation.
  • Carpet Infestation: Since termites feed on cellulose, they eat up cellulose-based materials such as carpets, photograph frames, and books. They are often found under the carpet and around the corners sticking to the carpet.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, termite infestations in your house are just limited to wooden structures. They are always active eating up something or the other, causing significant damage to every corner of your house. Keep termites away and save your property by seeking the help of a professional pest control service provider to limit the damage caused by the termites through appropriate treatments to get rid of them without any hassles.




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