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Treatment Methods for Termites In Your Arizona Home

Treatment Methods for Termites In Your Arizona Home

There are two classes of termite management treatment: Liquids as well as Baits.

Applying liquid termiticides to the soil is a method that has been in use for decades now. The long-lasting chemical barrier creates a barrier that blocks termites in the ground from entering buildings.

Most times, the termites already in the building structure die off also because they don’t have a means of returning to the soil. In the past, the products were only termite repellent; they were not lethal to termites foraging in the soil.

However, in recent times, the products being made are non-repellent and very lethal to termites. Termites that tunnel into the treatment areas are killed.

Examples of these newer products are Premise® (imidacloprid), Termidor® (fipronil), and Phantom® (chlorfenapyr).

Non-repellent products can be trusted to rid a building of termites in just one attempt. The second treatment category is baiting.

Termite baits are made by adding a slow-acting termite-lethal substance to paper, cardboard, or any other food commonly eaten by termites. The baits are then mounted further down the ground out in the lawn in plastic stations that are cylindrical in shape.

Some can be placed indoors on mud tubes that are active with termites. When the termites start foraging, they eat the bait and also take some to their nest mates.

The termites start to die off gradually. It is advisable to treat the whole building rather than focus on some spots to avoid reoccurrence.

All termiticides are thoroughly tested and evaluated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that they have no adverse effects on humans. So there should be no fears if you have to treat your whole house with liquid.

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