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Treating Your Gilbert Home Against Bees

Bee Control Gilbert, Phoenix Metro

Treating Your Gilbert Home Against Bees

There are a ton of great reasons to keep bees away from your Gilbert, AZ home.

Sure, bees are great for the environment. However, they also can sting and put you and any visitors or family members in a lot of pain. Some bee stings can be even more harmful, especially if a person who is stung is allergic to bee stings.

Treating Your Gilbert Home Against Bees

Since Africanized Honey Bees are especially popular in the region, it’s really important to prevent bees from settling into your home or yard as a colony. Colonies can have several tens of thousands of the dangerous pests in them, and the swarms can be frightening and disturbing. Keep them from making a colony by:

#1 Sealing Off Nesting Places

For a colony to move in on your property, they have to have somewhere to move in to. Bees tend to look for places where they can hide out and form hives. Empty pots, holes in branches, cracks in the walls or roof, and even dugout holes in the yard are all popular places for bees to call home. During bee season (which is March-August) do your best to seal off spaces like these. Use caulk to seal cracks and wood or dirt to fill in holes, pots, and other exposed hide places.

#2 Restricting Water Access Around Your Gilbert Home

Bees consume pollen and water to survive. You can’t (and shouldn’t) get rid of your flowers and plants, though. People actually need bees because of their role in the ecosystem, so you want to redirect them from the yard, not deprive them of convenient, natural food. Water access, however, encourages bees to make their home very close by.

If you have pools of water exposed in a pond or pool, you are basically inviting bees in. Leaky faucets with constant puddles beneath them and other pots or buckets outside collecting fluid are all attractive as well. Keep this covered as much as possible.

#3 Calling for Backup

Don’t try to remove colonies of bees or hives yourself once they have moved in. This can be dangerous and should be left to professionals who know how to handle Gilbert, AZ bee infestations properly.

If you, or your neighbor, has bees, don’t wait to see what they do. Many times, they are moving from a previous location to right there…within the beams and eaves of you or your neighbor’s Gilbert home. This is dangerous, both to your community, your pets and your family, but also for the bees.

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