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The Potential Dangers of Termite Damage

It's Always Termite Season

The Potential Dangers of Termite Damage

Most bugs that you can encounter in your Gilbert, AZ home or building are not as devastating to your financial life as termites. Termites are a huge nuisance in construction and they can eat their way through your most valuable wooden furniture, flooring, and other structures. Their damage can become substantial when you don’t deal with an infestation quickly enough.

The Potential Dangers of Termite Damage

Colonies can have hundreds of thousands of termites

One important thing to remember is that termite colonies can have hundreds of thousands of termites in them. You may even have several termite colonies in or near your home, and if you do the math you can quickly see that their potential damage is vast. Although one single termite can only destroy a small amount of wood every day, hundreds of thousands of them can eat their way through structures very quickly.

Subterranean termites are the most devastating

An average colony of subterranean termites can eat through about 16 grams of wood per day, which can destroy furniture, flooring, and wood structures. The amount equates to almost 13 pounds of wood per day. This type of causes the most damage in homes, and if you suspect that you have them you can check your home for mud tunnels, which are a sign of an infestation. This species will not usually stick to just one part of your home for their food source, and they may consume wood from several areas include your flooring, furniture, support beams, doors, and other parts of your home.

Contact pest control as soon as you suspect you have an infestation

Termites are so devastating in their damage that they can actually cause buildings in Gilbert, AZ to collapse, and they can destroy much of the wood in your home if you don’t eliminate them quickly enough. Always deal with termites before the problem gets out of hand, and as soon as you suspect that you have an infestation you should call an exterminator to deal with them. They can cause tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in just a matter of months or even faster, and dealing with them as quickly as possible is always the best solution.

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