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The Most Important Housekeeping Tasks For The Prevention Of Fabric-Pest Infestations

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The Most Important Housekeeping Tasks For The Prevention Of Fabric-Pest Infestations

Carpet beetles and clothes moths are two groups of insect pests that feed on a variety of indoor fabrics, including clothing, carpeting, furniture upholstery, and drapery. Their feeding habits sometimes result in serious economic damage, and these pests are particularly prone to consuming clothes and furniture that have become saturated with human perspiration. Animal-based items containing keratin proteins, such as wool, fur and leather are favored by the larvae of clothes moths and carpet beetles. Carpet beetle and clothes moth infestations can be difficult to eradicate, and fumigations are sometimes necessary to eliminate heavy infestations. The best way to avoid carpet beetle and clothes moth infestations is for homeowners to take measures to prevent the pests from establishing a presence indoors.

When it comes to preventing fabric-pest infestations, the vacuum is the most important tool at a homeowner’s disposal. Every room in a home should be vacuumed frequently enough to prevent lint and hair from accumulating on carpets and rugs. The presence of sweaty lint from clothes and hair provides nutrition for fabric-pests, allowing their indoor population to grow. It is also important to remove bird nests on the exterior window sills and ledges on a home, as dead insects and bird feathers provide an attractive source of sustenance for fabric pests. The same goes for dead insects that have collected within certain indoor areas, but this can be difficult when dead insects are abundant in hard-to-access areas, such as wall voids. Dog kennels and bedding for pets should be kept clean, and taxidermied animals should be stored away while indoor fabric pests are being combatted. Dry-cleaning will kill the larvae and eggs present on contaminated clothing, and pest control firms often apply clothing treatments that protect against fabric pest infestations. When fabric pest infestations demand the intervention of a pest control professional, carpeting may have to be lifted for the application of insecticide. Whole-structure fumigation is generally the last resort for fabric-pest eradication, but infested items, like mattresses, rugs and furniture, can be fumigated individually as well.

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