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Thanksgiving Ants

Ant Control Gilbert / Phoenix Metro

Thanksgiving is a time for food, family, football and maybe a little alcohol. Thanksgiving is not when you want ants invading your home. Unfortunately, ants are the most common unwelcomed guest this time of year.

All that sticky, sweet, sugary food ends up on the floor, left on tables and counters, even on the patio and in the grass. And all that sticky, sweet, Thanksgiving food attracts hordes of hungry ants.

What can you do to keep ants from invading your property and home?

Follow these steps:

Clean: No one actually enjoys cleaning, but if you want to keep pests out of your home, particularly ants and cockroaches, which ultimately lead to spider and scorpions invading your home, you need to keep things clean. No crumbs on the floor, no crumbs on the counter, no dirty dishes in the sink. A clean home means a pest free home…most of the time.

Pantries: We often shut the door of the pantry, or close the door of the cabinet, and thing the food is secure. In reality, that is the biggest mistake most homeowners make in terms of pest control. Food is never safe from ants. If your cereal is not in a container, if your chips and crackers are not sealed properly, ants will sniff those things out and will find them.

Sugar: If you have kids, and you send them outside with a tasty treat in the heat of summer, that tasty treat can very easily end up all over the patio…which will absolutely attract ants and all kinds of pests. Sugar is the ultimate calling for ants, so be sure to keep not only the floors and countertops clean inside, but spray off the patio and keep food and sugar and soda spills off the concrete.

Home Sealing: Ants and other pests can come through cracks in your caulking smaller than you probably realize. Sure, you can DIY seal your home, but it’s best to call in the Magic Pest Control experts and have them seal up every nook and cranny of your home.

Ultimately, you do have control over whether pests are going to find their way into your home…

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