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Termite Treatment Mesa AZ

Close up termites or white ants

Termite Treatment Mesa AZ

If you’re in need of Termite Treatment Mesa Az the first step is to determine if you have termites.  There are 3 recommended methods typically. But we at magic pest control recommend a 4th.  Let’s start by examining the first 3 methods.

#1  There are winged ants and there are termites.

They look very similar but there are subtle differences.  A winged ant has a hourglass shape with a constricted waist, the antennae are bent to 90 degrees, and the hind wings are smaller than the fore wings.  Termites have antennae that stick straight up from their head with little bobbles on them.  They have a much broader waist.  Termite wings are roughly symmetrical as well.  In other words, the hind and fore wings are the same in size.

#2 The season is another way to identify termites versus winged ants.

Now, this method is not as effective.  The idea is that termites come out in the spring, or after a rain, or when it’s warm.  So if you’re seeing the insect during that time, you may be looking at a termite rather than a winged ant.  Of course, it could also be a winged ant.  Winged ants are out and about all year long.  So this is not the bets way to tell what you’re looking at.

#3 Online identification.

There are so many images of both termites and winged ants online.  A simple image search can help you compare your insect to the various species.  Perhaps you can even find an expert on social media to ask.

There is a fourth option we’d like to briefly explore with you and one you’ve heard us talk about often.  It’s so simple and free that it’s a wonder you wouldn’t just choose this option.

#4 Free Termite Inspection.

In addition to being able to give termite treatment in Mesa AZ, Magic Pest is the best way to see if you are dealing with a termite.  Why not call and have a technician come out for a free inspection?

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