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Termite Inspections – 4 Things Exterminators Need To Check

Termite Inspections – 4 Things Exterminators Need To Check

Termites are one of the worst pests that you can have at your home. Usually, when you first notice their presence, they already did a lot of damage to your property. They tend to affect 49 out of the 50 states in the United States. Alaska is the only state that doesn’t suffer from termites, up until now.

So, you know how termites can be missed even though they are in your home. Because of this, many homeowners tend to have a termites inspection every year to make sure everything is ok within his property. In case you’re in the same position, here are the 4 things exterminators will be checking to make sure that you have no termites around your home:

#1: Wood Damage:

The first thing exterminators will look at is for any wood damage around your Gilbert home. However, one of the problems they need to deal with is the fact that termites eat the wood from the inside. So, you might already have a termites infestation but you won’t notice any damage on the surface. And this is why you actually need to have a termites inspection. The inspector will be able to discover if you have termites inside the wood with a simple tap on the wood beam.

When the infestation is already serious, you’ll see mud inside the damaged wood.

#2: Wood In Your Property:

Even if you don’t have any termites in your home, the termite’s inspector still needs to look around your property to check the wood you have there. He will take a closer look at the wood that you have near your home, at the firewood, deadwood, and finally, wooden structures.

#3: Construction Joints With Mud:

Termites like to seal small gaps using dirt to make sure they are comfortable. Even though you may not notice any tubes around your Gilbert property, if you see some crusted dirt in what were supposed to be little cracks or small holes in the concrete or sheetrock, you may have a termites infestation.

#4: Mud Tubes:

During the termite inspection, the inspector will need to take a look at your foundation, in your crawlspace, near your pipes, in your attic, among others. Mud tubes ate also called shelter tubes. Since termites aren’t able to transverse them, they build their way around them.

Mud tubes look like dried and encrusted dirt.

Despite you could try to do a termite inspection on your own, it is far better to call an exterminator. After all, they’re used to deal with this pest and they’ll easily discover them or make sure that your Gilbert home is termites-free.

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