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Termite Inspection Gilbert AZ


Termite Inspection Gilbert AZ

Free always has a nice ring to it.  Who doesn’t like getting things for free.  Too often businesses make it difficult for you to start doing business with them.  The consumer needs to have a tremendous amount of trust to get an evaluation from a pest control technician.  It’s typical to worry about paying a technician to come out, then paying them to do an inspection, and then hope that they can do something about the problem.  We don’t think that’s a way to do business and we don’t think it’s a good way to serve your community.  Therefore, we have free termite inspections.  No matter who you are you should consider Termite Inspection for Gilbert AZ homes.    Magic Pest Control really does have free termite inspections.  It’s easy, you pick up the phone and ask a technician to come out.  We’ll come out free of charge.

If we find something then we’ll use Termidor to eliminate the threat.  But first, we’ll consult with you about the severity and make sure you know your choices.  We’ll give you a full, informal report.  We do the informal report because an official one costs money.  If you determine that action is needed, then we’ll proceed with the use of  the most advanced termite pesticide available today: Termidor.  Termido’s “transfer effect” we’ll eliminate the threat of the colony.

Let us serve you.  We’ve made it so easy to get started.  We’re so proud to be a 30 year part of the Gilbert community.  You’re not taking advantage of our good nature because this is what we do.  We serve first.  Call in today for a free termite inspection.  Make sure you tell the operator that you’re looking to get the free termite inspection.  They’ll be able to schedule a convenient appointment for you.  For the best Termite Inspection in Gilbert AZ, think Magic Pest Control.

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