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Termite Damage And Drywall

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Did you know that termites can actually infest and destroy drywall? Drywall contains cellulose, which is the same material that draws termites to wood. This means that termites can and do target drywall, causing serious damage to it.

Types of materials that are targeted by termites

Termites are interested in any material that contains cellulose. They will mostly go for wood, but they have also been known to attack paper, drywall and even wallpaper.

What to do if termites have infested the drywall

Termites will usually reach the drywall after infesting some wooden support structure that is behind it. If they would just go for the drywall, it would not be such a big deal, because you can take off the infested drywall, burn it and replace it. Seeing termite infested drywall is also a substantial sign that the infestation is quite widespread, because the termites are reaching the surface of the walls, and they only do so once they’ve consumed the core.

Getting rid of an infestation

If you’ve noticed termites in your drywall, the best way to get the situation under control is to call over a professional. A pro will start by first performing an inspection, which will help determine the species responsible for the infestation and the size of the infestation itself. This information is important because it will determine the control methods that will be used.

If you are dealing with a small drywood/dampwood termite infestation, the pro will remove the drywall, and then treat the wood underneath with insecticides. This will make quick work of the insect colony. However, if the infestation is widespread, then the control procedure needed to remove it is fumigation, which can cost thousands of dollars and which will require you to vacate the home for a few days.

When dealing with subterranean termites, either a chemical barrier, a baiting system or both will be used to remove the infestation. Chemical barriers form an insecticide “wall” around the home, which will cut off all contact between the building and a termite colony, while baiting systems poison the workers of a colony, until the colony collapses.

So if you start to notice termite damage in your drywall, it’s important to act fast. For more information about termite control and prevention, or if you have a termite infestation in your home that has to be removed, contact us today.

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