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Termite Control Phoenix AZ

Traces of termites eat old wood.

Top Termite Control Phoenix AZ

For the best Termite Control Phoenix AZ call Magic Pest Control.  We have Termidor.  Termidor is the #1 termiticide in the country.  It is odorless and binds to the soil.  The binding to the soil keeps it fresh during the rainy season.  So even if it rains (which doesn’t happen much in AZ), the termidor stays fresh.  What’s so great about this particular termiticide?  What’s known as the Termidor domino effect.  Aka the termidor “transfer effect”.  Basically this pesticide acts as a type of virus that is passed form one member of the colony to another.  That means it not only kills the first termite that comes across it, but that termite then passes it on to the next termite and so on.  This is a huge distinction when you realize that the odor of pesticides usually don’t even kill the first termite.  That’s right the termites actually detect the odor and simply walk around the pesticide.  So you paid that guy to spray for nothing.

Don’t stress, you need Termidor.  Termidor will not just kill the little bugger that discovers your pesticide, it will infect the whole colony for long term results.  Now just because you wiped out a colony doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for termites.  Oh, it does for a long time sure.  But it’s wise to have regular termite checkups.  As termidor-certified professionals can inspect your home.  And the best thing is we don’t charge for simple inspections.

So to make sure you have the best termite control in Phoenix, Az make sure you call Magic Pest Control.  We have friendly technicians ready to inspect and eliminate your pests today.  With top of the line technicians, you’re not going to want to call anyone else for termite control Phoenix Az.  Call 480-654-5888

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