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Termite Control Phoenix

Radial blur, Group of termite are eating wood

Termite Control Phoenix

Worried you have termites?  Have you seen early signs?  Maybe you’ve thought about DIY options.  If you check online you can see various suggestions or you can call a professional. The temptation to DIY, though more difficult is an enticing one.  Primarily because the hope is that you’ll save money.  However, we think you’ll find that termite control in Phoenix is cheaper when you get it done with professionals the first time.

Here are some of the DIY suggestions on the web for eliminating termites:

#1 Find any area with serious termite damage.
Look for mud tunnels and insect wings.  A termite looks like a flying ant.  Severe termite damage may mean that you’ll hear a hollow sounds when knocking.  It may also mean that a simple screwdriver if poked at the wood will sink in readily. Chances are, if you have termite damage to this degree, it’s already too late for conventional DIY methods. Magic Pest offers fee termite inspection.

#2 You’re going to need to seal the area and your home.
Home sealing is a big project.  You’ll need to find all outside crevices where termites can burrow in and seal them up.  This includes, door frames, foundation, cables, wires, vents, mesh screens etc.  Home sealing is no small project and you must be thorough.  This would be a good thing to have a professional do.

#3 Next we’re going to do a few things to kill some of the population.
The first is large pieces of cardboard soaked in tetracycline and buried just under the top soil.  Then dig them back up and burn them.  Termites will come to the cardboard and die. Then get some boric acid. Wear gloves and avoid contact with eyes and nose.  Mix with water and spray the areas you found in step one.  Also, poor boric acid into any holes.  The reality is, termites smell poison.  They simply borough around the treated area.  Professionals use Terminix. Termites can’t smell it and take it back to their colonies.

#4 Keep any wood or plants away from the sides of the house.
Especially watch for damp wood.  This will attract termites.

Recognize that termite control Phoenix is an urgent matter. If you waste time trying detectable poisons, the damage will most likely increase. Remember that Terminix is professional grade termite control that is undetected by the termites.  As a licensed Terminix professional in Phoenix, Magic Pest can get it done the right way.  With a free termite inspection to start we can help you find the cheapest way to eliminate this threat to your home.

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