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Termite Control Mesa

Close up termites or white ants

Best Termite Control Mesa

Termite Control Mesa is best when performed by Magic Pest Control.  The following story comes from a homeowner upon discovering termites:

“It was a nice day outside.  I just opened the back door and felt a gust of cool wind flood into the house.  Before I could decide if I wanted to leave the door open or not a swarm of beautifully winged insects flew into the house.  I’d never seen this insect before.  I didn’t know if I should be scared or in awe.  They really were breath taking as they flew in and back out the door.  After hesitating I decided to start swatting at them.  Several died and the rest flew back out the back door.  I looked closely at the dead bodies and became concerned about where these came from.  I called for pest control and discovered that these weren’t ants.  They were termites.”

You don’t have to see termites to have them.  Often there is no sign of them,  It’s likely that this homeowner’s wood fence had been infected for sometime before the colony decided to go in search of a new home.  Or maybe, the colony flew over after being sent away by the neighbor’s property.  Termites often survive by moving in next door after being discovered.

If you have a termite infestation you may not know until you get one of Magic Pest Control’s free termite inspections.  Termites can squeeze through holes as small as 1/32in.  If you see small holes in the wood, doors that sag, deterioration of your walls, or just termite wings hanging around.  The really obvious signs are dirt tubes as shown here.

Since you won’t always know if you need termite control Mesa, make sure you call Magic Pest Control.  Call 480-654-5888

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