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Termite Control Gilbert

Radial blur, Group of termite are eating wood

Termite Inspection and State of the Art Termite Control for Gilbert, Arizona.

Gilbert Residents are littered with Termites.  The termite control Gilbert experts are Magic Pest Control.  Magic Pest Control technicians specialize in inspecting for difficult to find termite populations.  However, not all signs of termite infestation are difficult to find. The easiest to identify is a termite tube.  The below images showcase termite dirt tubes.

Dirt Tubes are tubes which termites create to link themselves to their food.  The tubes run from their home environment to the food source.  As you may see from the photos, they can be rather long.  What you cannot see from the photos is how quickly the tubes are built.  Consider the photo on the left.  It is clearly inside someone’s home.   It is very possible that this tenant left to buy groceries and came how to find this dirt tube.  Termites are very efficient.  They can build these tubes in minutes.

If you suspect or know you have termites, you need termite control Gilbert.  The best termite control comes from Magic Pest Control.  We offer free termite inspections.  But, advanced termite inspection and highly trained technicians are not all.   We offer the most state of the art  termiticide.  In fact it’s a brand of termite control that is unlike any other termiticide.  We use Termidor.

Termidor is unique among termite control.  Termites have the ability to sense termiticide. Specifically they either smell or taste it.   As such termites simply walk around termite control chemicals.  Termite control must be odorless and tasteless to be effective.  Termidor is.  Furthermore, termites become instinctively protective when members of the colony are dying off by crossing a sprayed line of termiticide.  To prevent this Termidor doesn’t kill immediately.  In fact, termites will return to the colony and spread Termidor to the rest of the colony before realizing they are in danger.

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