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Termite Control Chandler

If you’re looking for Termite Control in Chandler you should consider Magic Pest Control. Magic pest control has been serving Chandler for over 30 years and we’re proud of our communities.  We care for HOA’s and homes like they were our own.  We take special care with each client to ensure that no stone is unturned, often literally.  We give every home a fair price because we know it’s your satisfaction that helps us grow as a business.  We know that not every pest control company feels a need to behave as a service industry.  But we enjoy serving.  We have chosen to be in a service industry.  That gives us the chance to go above and beyond for the people around us.  Termites are a common problem in Chandler.  Arizona termites need top of the line termiticide

Termiticide is the termite pesticide that companies use to go after termites.  However, magic pest control uses the top of the line to serve the chandler area.  We use Termidor, the industry leader in termite protection.  What makes it so great?  It isn’t a deterrent.  That’s right, most termiticides actually smell terrible and deter the termites away from the poison.  The end result is that the termites just burrow around the termiticide right into the walls of your home.  When you’re using these termite pesticides you’re paying for an expensive poison to be placed around your home that won’t kill the bug you’re after or stop them from getting into your walls.  Termites move fast and can quickly work around any line of spray.

Termidor is odorless, but that’s not all.  The poison doesn’t kill right away.  Instead it stays with a termite allowing it time to get back to the colony and infect several other termites.   The entire colony can be eliminated instead of just controlled.

If you need termite control Chandler, call Magic Pest control (480)654-5888

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