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Termite Control Chandler AZ

Traces of termites eat old wood.

Termite Control Chandler AZ

The first sign of a termite problem that most home owners will notice are termite dirt tubes. The colony is usually pretty well established before the termites put these tubes down in a noticeable place.  The problem is that they build them very quickly.  So the chances of noticing these tubes in time is not likely.  Regular termite inspections are recommended. Luckily the best termite control in Chandler AZ is Magic Pest Control.  Magic pest offers free termite inspections.  The first step in termite control is setting up your appointments to get free inspections.  It’s easy just call today at (480)654-5888.

If we find termite tubes or other signs of termites the next step is to move forward with termiticide.  Termiticide is a type of termite pesticide, but our termiticide is above average.  It has what’s referred to as the “transfer effect”.  This refers to the way Termidor operates.  First one termite picks up the pesticide.  The pesticide is odorless and so the termidor can piggy back that first termite.  Termidor then transfers onto other termites from the first termite.  It spreads again like a disease throughout the colony.

Here’s the steps:

  • Magic Pest Control offers free termite inspections.  These inspections include:
  • a thorough inspection of all buildings and surrounding property
  • a written estimate and plan of action for treatment/ No WDIIR
  • a detailed termite inspection report to include: areas inspected and photo evidence of termite activity
  • finally our termite control Chandler AZ is a Termidor Certified Company and can offer you the best termite treatment guarantees

So get started today with exceptional termite service.  There’s no reason not to take advantage of the free inspection.  Then if you need Termidor you can have the confidence to know you’re selecting the most scientifically advanced termiticide on the market.

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