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Termite Control Chandler


Termite Control Chandler

For Top Termite Control Chandler Residents Choose Magic Pest Control

Termites are a frightening visitor to have around any home. The most frightening things about termites is not knowing if you have them. Unfortunately many chandler homes are infested with these little guys and the homeowners never even know. For termite control chandler residents know to call Magic Pest Control.

Magic Pest Control knows that termites tend to burrow through the walls and foundation of a home. Termites typically do years of damage before they are noticed. After hiding in the walls for years the termites will start to have trouble finding places left to burrow in the now hollow walls. As a result they’ll start to create dirt tubes to get from one area to another.

Termites don’t like to get in the sunlight. So to avoid the light they build these mud tubes. This usually happens if they can’t simply burrow through the wood in your walls. Seeing a termite tube is a sure sign you have had termites for a long time. On house calls in Chandler we’ll occasionally see these mud tubes. Ideally, the termites just need to get from 1 point to another and there was no way to burrow there. However, in a worst case scenario, the termites have been in the home for many years. They then create a mud tube to leave the old burrow and burrow in a fresh area. The next thing is knowing what to do about it. It’s actually not hard to know which termite control is the best.

For termite control chandler, Az residents need to turn to Termidor, a termite control pesticide. Termidor has been the industry leader in termite control for over a decade. Scientific studies have showed it to even be better than some of the newer termite control pesticides on the market. Magic Pest Control is a Termidor Certified Company. That’s something we’re proud of as we serve Chandler, Arizona homes.

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