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If you live in the Tempe, Arizona area and are dealing with the nuisance of an out-of-control pest problem, then give Magic Pest Control a call!

We are a family-owned and operated pest control business working locally since 1993.
We use the safest, highest quality, and latest pest control methods that give you the most value for your hard-earned money. This philosophy has allowed us to become one of the fastest-growing termite and rodent control companies in the entirety of Arizona.

Arizona has recently come under increasing pest invasions that are keen to disrupt our daily lives. We have seen increased bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitos, scorpions, ants, bees, rodents, spiders, and termites, thanks to a favorable climate and breeding conditions. We also offer weed control services in the greater Tempe area! 

Magic Pest Control has been providing relief to the southern Arizona area for over 34 years, and as local industry leaders, we take threats against our communities seriously.
If you choose to let us help you with your pest problems, you will receive prompt and quick service that is professional and thorough from start to finish.
From our technicians to our front desk staff, everyone on our team has professional qualifications and certifications that allow us to give you the best service possible.

We received an A+ from Angie’s List for our customer service and have many happy customer testimonials that recommend our services and have used them repeatedly when new problems arise.

Tempe Weed Control

Reliable and Punctual Tempe Weed Control Service you can trust! We help to keep your property weed-free!

Our specialty is weed prevention in any landscape, which means that we can kill all existing weeds and prevent future problems for any landscape in the Tempe area.

Tempe Scorpion Control

Food is the scorpions prime motive. Since they are nocturnal they forage at night. They feed off all types of insects, pests and even mice at times. Scorpions have organs and hairs on their legs that detect sensitive vibration. This is how they catch their food. Because scorpions are predators they tend to return to the same area each night to hunt. They can withstand starvation for 4-5 months. If you control the scorpions food source, you control the scorpions.

We also offer delta dust for scorpion control! 

Be Aware:
  • Scorpions are excellent at climbing but can’t climb glass. If your home is infested, put the scorpions in clean wide-mouthed jars. Make sure to pull all furniture away from walls and shake clothing before putting it on. Scorpions like to cling onto loose objects.
  • Scorpions are blind to ultraviolet light and it makes them glow! At night time equip yourself with a black light and scorpion killer (or tweezers and a glass jar if you want to collect them).
  • Routinely mow grass and keep an 18″ vegetative free perimeter around your home. Remove or clean any harborage.
  • Use caulking and weather strip to seal up your home and its windows. Repair plumbing leaks and ventilate in areas where precipitation occurs.
  • Make sure to get regular pesticide treatments! If you control the scorpions food you can control the scorpions.
  • Ask about Averzion!

Tempe Rodent Control

Arizona rats can be quite a nuisance. They are persistent, and the southern Arizona climate allows them many opportunities to invade our homes and live it up.
Our Tempe Rat Control technicians have had their hands complete with rats recently, as they have taken a liking to the citrus trees that like to drop valuable food on the ground and attract rats to our properties.
These rats have been dubbed “rooftop rats” for their propensity to live in houses’ attic and roof spaces for easy access to these citrus fruits.
Every homeowner should be aware of preventative tips that will help them avoid a dangerous rat infestation.
Rats and mice can nest anywhere and eat and chew on everything they can get their teeth on. Their droppings can contain bacteria or viruses that are harmful to humans and pets, and once they have established a nest, it can be challenging to get rid of them.

Rodents have adapted to human trapping techniques by developing the ability to detect poisons and the know-how to chew through common traps.

At Magic Pest Control, our specialists are one step ahead of the rodent menace. Our technicians are trained with the latest methods, products, and techniques to trap runaway rodent infestations effortlessly and efficiently.
We remove trapped rats and stop their breeding from getting out of control. We will then apply preventative treatments and offer more tips on rodent prevention. Once you are the victim of an infestation once you are more likely to see another one in the future.

Tempe Termite Control

Termites are becoming an increasing problem that neighborhoods in the Tempe area have to deal with.
Climate conditions in Arizona are perfect for them to breed. They have a keen ability to remain undetected for significant periods, allowing them to breed and grow their numbers uninterrupted.
Protecting your structures and home against termites can be difficult because of how silent and out of sight they like to live.
If you notice:
Then you may have an undetected termite infestation that you need to deal with as soon as possible. You will want to contact one of our termite removal specialists as quickly as possible because the damage termites can be very costly.
Often termite infestations are detected too late and may destroy the site of the infestation, which will result in costly repair bills.
Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding a potentially costly termite situation. We recommend that Arizona area properties get at least two inspections per year and keep updated on any termite outbreaks in their area.
If your property can allow it, a significant weapon in the fight against termites is a chemical zone treatment that will discourage termites from attempting an infestation in the first place.

The best form of protection is prevention, and termites are no exception to this rule. Please call us at (480) 418-6809 and stay a step ahead of rude termites.

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