How to Deal with Pests During Monsoon Season

Monsoon season is here and hat means that termites and scorpions will be in full force, along with other nasty pest. Termites, scorpions, and other pests will try to enter your home by any means possible, so it is best to stay ahead of the game and be prepared.

These tips for helping you keep the pest out are not only good during monsoon season, but year around. Monsoon season will just be the time when you see termites, scorpions, and other pests the most active because of the higher temperatures and humidity.

Here are some helpful monsoon season tips to help keep your home free of termites, scorpions, and anything else that wants to crawl on into your home.

  • Water bugs and earthworms will like to make their way into your bathroom. Although these bugs are not harmful by any means, they still will want to hangout in your bathroom. For this reason you will want to always keep your bathroom clean and dry.
  • If you want to keep mosquitos, flying bugs of any kind, and other pests, try using window and door netting. If you choose to keep your windows and doors open to listen to the monsoon storms, these nettings will cover the windows and doors and stay with velcro. This will create a barrier, keeping pests out of your home.
  • Be sure to always keep trash in and around your home picked up. Pests will surely love any food that you leave out, so do not invite them if you do not want them hanging around your house.
  • With that being said, be sure to keep all wood scraps away from your home, this will help eliminate and scorpions from hiding underneath the wood and then making their way into your home.
  • You will also want to keep your bed clean and be sure to clean your bed linens on a regular. Keeping everything clean and giving your linens a nice shake and fluff every night can help keep those bed bugs from finding their way into your bed.

Top 5 Summer Pests

Summer is here and it is very hot outside, here in Gilbert, which means that there are all kinds of annoying pests crawling around trying to find a cool place to hangout and some food. Here are the top 5 pests that you may encounter during the summer season and how to prevent them.

1. Ants

These pests will be seen more often in your kitchen, since this is where you do all of your food preparation. The moment they smell food, they will spread the word and there can be a swarm of ants in your kitchen in a matter of minutes. If you are not to keen on spraying a pesticide in your kitchen, due to you are worried about contaminating any food, you can try first by making sure you clean up any and all spills, whether it be a liquid substance, a powder substance, or even crumbs. By keeping your kitchen clean and free of the smallest food particles, you can keep the ants out. You can also keep the ants away by storing all your dry food goods in air tight containers, rather than keeping them in the boxes that they come in, this will be sure to keep them from smelling any food and trying to get it.

2. Wasps

Wasps are looking for sugary foods and foods containing protein. Due to this you will notice that wasps will be all around your outdoor garbages and even perhaps joining in on your summer barbecues. You will want to check your garden and outdoor areas for small nest, which will contain fewer wasps than large nest. The smaller the nest, the easier it will be to treat. If you have a trash can outside and one that you tend to throw food away in when barbecuing, you will want to make sure that you place a secure lid on it, so the wasps are not attracted to the food inside.

3. Flies

Flies although not dangerous, are annoying and can spread unwanted diseases to members of your household. You will want to cover any food when eating outside or even food inside if you notice you have flies. They will land on our food and transfer a disease before we eat our food. You will also want to pick up any dead flies that you find around the house they attract not only more flies, but carpet beetles also.

Scorpion Sealing Your Home

Summer is here and the temperatures keep rising. Scorpions like to take shelter in your home because they like the coolness it has to offer, as well as any areas of water you may have in or around your home. If you have had a scorpion in your home chances are you have probably been a little scared that there could be more or they will keep coming back if you do not have your house sprayed. However, maybe you have had your house sprayed for scorpions, but they just keep coming back and it seems like you can never win. Well, there is an option that can actually help you protect your house even more and keep those nasty pests out of your home, it’s known as a scorpion home sealing.

A scorpion home sealing is exactly what it sounds like. A pest control technician will come to your home and seal your home, eliminating any and all entry points that the scorpions may be able to access. This will consist of sealing any cracks, any holes, or any gaps that may be on the exterior of your home that lead into your home. This also includes sealing any cracks that may be around your doors and windows that would normally not be there.

A home sealing is not strictly for scorpions, it is also used as a barrier to keep other insects out of your home, especially those that scorpions like to eat. A complete home sealing is an all around good thing to do, not only does it protect your home from scorpions and other annoying pests, but it also helps you save by reducing your energy usage, preventing water damage to your home, and all around protecting your home.