Where Are These Spiders and Scorpions Coming From?

Where Are These Spiders and Scorpions Coming From?

It’s easy to get frustrated with the pests in your home. You kill a scorpion one night, then find a spider in your home the next night. You think, “How do these bugs keep getting in?”

You think, “Where are these bugs coming from?”

You wonder, “Is there something that I can be doing to keep spiders and scorpions out of my house?”

Yes, there is something that you can do to keep spiders and scorpions out of your home. Here are some tips:

Frequent Cleaning: How often do you vacuum? How often do you sweep and mop? How often do you clean the windows and baseboards? These are the things that need to be done at least twice a week to ensure spiders and scorpions don’t make their way into your home. Many times, they come in simply because the kids haven’t picked up the floor in a few weeks, and things are piling up, making for great hiding spots.

Sealing: Spiders and scorpions, especially scorpions, can fit through cracks you can barely even see. Go around the baseboards and the foundation of your home with something as simple as caulking to seal those tiny cracks. If the baseboards are pulling away from the wall, if the corners don’t align perfectly, or if the windows are showing cracks along the house siding, use some caulking to seal those areas.

It’s the Season: Fall is the season for these types of pests. Scorpions and spiders began to make their way into your home to escape the evening chill.

The best thing that you can do to keep scorpions and spiders away from your home is to call in the professionals. Professional pest control experts, like our very own Magic Pest pros, will not only exterminate any pests, we will also seal your home to keep them out for the future.

Scorpion Sealing Your Home

Scorpion Sealing Your Home

Summer is here and the temperatures keep rising. Scorpions like to take shelter in your home because they like the coolness it has to offer, as well as any areas of water you may have in or around your home. If you have had a scorpion in your home chances are you have probably been a little scared that there could be more or they will keep coming back if you do not have your house sprayed. However, maybe you have had your house sprayed for scorpions, but they just keep coming back and it seems like you can never win. Well, there is an option that can actually help you protect your house even more and keep those nasty pests out of your home, it’s known as a scorpion home sealing.

A scorpion home sealing is exactly what it sounds like. A pest control technician will come to your home and seal your home, eliminating any and all entry points that the scorpions may be able to access. This will consist of sealing any cracks, any holes, or any gaps that may be on the exterior of your home that lead into your home. This also includes sealing any cracks that may be around your doors and windows that would normally not be there.

A home sealing is not strictly for scorpions, it is also used as a barrier to keep other insects out of your home, especially those that scorpions like to eat. A complete home sealing is an all around good thing to do, not only does it protect your home from scorpions and other annoying pests, but it also helps you save by reducing your energy usage, preventing water damage to your home, and all around protecting your home.