Termites Are Most Active Right Now

Termite season is quite literally year round. If there is a time of year when termites in Arizona are least active, it could be said that it’s in the middle of winter when temperatures cause termites to seek deeper hiding areas. However, the moist air in wintertime also leads to damp, soft wood, which Arizona termites live for.

As our temperatures warm up and springtime bugs make their way, including bees and scorpions, termites are becoming more active. Termites can breed and invade your in complete silence, hiding in plain sight.

Termites feed off the soft wood that might be within your walls, around your windows and doors, collecting in your garage or backyard, or within your attic. Termites tend to slow down in the winter but become more active as temperatures rise, just like many other insects and animals of the desert.

Some of the most obvious signs to start looking for as Spring approaches are termite tubes and wood debris. When you’re doing your springtime planting or cleaning, look around the foundation of your home, your windows, and in the garage for termite tubes. They look like sticks of mud running vertical along the walls, trim or foundation.

If you think you might have termites, don’t wait and don’t’ try to get rid of them on your own. Arizona termites can potentially destroy your home, causing a great deal of damage in very little time. Call us as soon as you think you might have a termite problem.

A Chance to See Active Termites and How to Spot Them

A Chance to See Active Termites and How to Spot Them
Termites have been around for millions of years and for good reason.  Once they get started they can quickly grow to be a problem for your home.  Did you know that a primary queen can lay as much as 20,000-30,000 eggs per day. That is why it is important to get rid of the problem as soon as posible  In the time it takes to make the phone call, a hundred new eggs could be laid. Now that’s just the primary queen. There are often multiple queens. Furthermore, each queen lives for 45 years.

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What Do Termites Eat?

What Do Termites Eat?

Nobody wants to have termites because they are destructive and will eat away at your wood structure costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Termites live right in the house with you and you never know it, unless you inspect your home.

Now what do termites eat is another story. They eat wood, everyone knows this, but did you know they will eat paper, cloth, carpet and of course your furniture.

The more you know about what do termites eat, you can further protect yourself and your home.

What Do Termites Eat?
Moisture attracts termites because they need this after a few hours of feeding on wood. This accounts for the underground colonies that form around the outside of your home. This underground living also protects them from you and other predators. They need to be cool during hot weather and the basement just seems to attract termites more than the other areas of your home.

Now, when you ask the question, what do termites eat, you may want to rethink the only answer, which is normally wood. The cellulose in the wood is what attracts the termites and this substance is also found in carpet, paper, cloth and other items in your home. Not even your floors and windowsills are safe from the termites.

What do termites eat goes along with knowing how they digest their feed. They have microorganisms that work to turn the wood cellulose into nutrition. The preferences of the termite is wood, but beware, they will feed anywhere. They like decayed or rotting wood, but they do not discriminate, they will take fresh wood as well. New houses as well as older houses are subject to termite infestations.

Think about how you eat and then what do termites eat, they are just doing as we do, except we do not destroy homes to feed. Because they are needed for our ecosystem, we will never entirely get rid of the termites. The termite eats until no more food is available and then moves on to the next feeding grounds. If you are unlucky enough to live with termites until this happens, your home will be in desperate need of reconstruction.

When reading about what do termites eat, you may want to think about all the places in your home that has wood, these are the places you will find termites if you have an infestation. Knowing what termites eat and how they eat is important for everyone to know. When you learn more about termites, you can become more aware of their devastation and destruction to many home and building owners.