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Summer Termite Tips

Termites can make their way into your house at any time and destroy your place of shelter and where you call home. Use these helpful tips to fight off these annoying pests this summer and help keep your home safe from costly damage.

Summer Termite Tips

Summer Termite Tips

1. When it comes to storing firewood and any other wood you may have around the house, do not store the wood up against your house. Instead, store the wood 25 feet or further from your home and if you can try storing it a couple feet off of the ground, this will make it harder for the termites to have any access to your home and to all of the wood.

2. Termites are very small insects that can make their way into your home through any size crack, even the tiniest one. You might think that the crack is too small for anything to pass through, but think again, because a termite will gain access in your home through it. Take and seal any and all cracks that you may have around your home, whether it be around your windows, your doors, outlets, the walls. A simple caulking will seal the cracks perfectly.

3. Termites love moisture. If you have mulch in your yard, termites are loving it because it is filled with moisture. If you want to keep termites away from your home, it would be best to either do a little re-landscaping and move the mulch away from your house at least 25 feet or better yet, replace your real mulch with rubber mulch. This will help eliminate any possible risk of there being termites around your home.

4. Again, termites love moisture and water, it is what they feed on in order to survive. With that being said, eliminate their source of survival and remove any water sources you may have around your home. if you have an area in your yard that forms puddles of water or buckets that are filled with water, get rid of the buckets and find a way to stop water from pooling in your yard. Eliminating their way to survive will eliminate them from taking over your home.

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