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Summer DIY Pest Control Tips

Summer DIY Pest Control Tips

Nasty, creepy, crawling bugs are a big NO, when it comes to having them in and around the house. If you are not one for having anything like this in your house, which who is, than follow these simple DIY pest control tips to keep these pests out and away from your home.

1. It is best to start by preventing bugs from entering your house rather than taking care of the problem when you see one. You can start be simply keeping your house clean and your floors free of food crumbs. Try wiping down your kitchen counters with a natural at home solution made of vinegar and water. Simply spray your countertops and wipe any debris and food crumbs. This will make your home less appealing to nasty critters.

2. The next step you can take in preventing bugs from entering your home is to fix any leaks you may have around the house. Bugs are looking for water in order to survive and if you are providing the water, they will come.

3. If you have boxes of cereal, pasta, or other dry goods, take and transfer those goods to sealed containers. This will help keep those bugs away, they are attracted to any food that is left out or easy for them to access.

4. Along with keeping the food in seal tight containers and crumbs off of your countertops and off of your floors. You will want to keep your kitchen drain free of food, as well. You can do this by taking baking soda and pouring it down the drain and then pouring vinegar. You will want to let this solution sit in the drain for about 5 minutes or so and then run hot boiling water down the drain in order to flush everything out.

5. You can keep those annoying ants away by sprinkling coffee grounds along the base of your doors and around your windows.

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