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How the Solar Eclipse Will Impact Termites, Scorpions and More…

How the Solar Eclipse Will Impact Termites, Scorpions and More…

Today, at roughly 10:35 am, Gilbert, Arizona will see the totality of the solar eclipse. Our Magic Pest Control offices here in Gilbert should see the full eclipse, about 64% of the sun covered, at this time in the morning. We can’t wait.

But, many of our pest control professionals will be at your homes, working hard to make sure when the moon passes across the sun, termites, scorpions and all kinds of bugs don’t run for cover inside your home.

Research has shown that during a solar eclipse, like the one we’ll have today, birds and insects alter their song patterns and behavior. Spiders tear down webs and start building new ones. And animals of all types generally act a little different than normal.

While zoos and animal preserves are being asked to record how the animals behave during the solar eclipse, some researchers and scientists believe that nocturnal animals…those animals who are more active in the evenings…will get confused and start to get active in the middle of the day.

If this is true, termites and scorpions could be more active today than expected. With our high humidity days and active monsoon season, termites have already been very active. With the solar eclipse this morning, we expect termites and scorpions to make their way into your homes at a much faster rate.

If you see any signs of termites or scorpions on your property, call us immediately. Our termite treatment professionals waste no time getting those termites at the source.

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