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Scorpions, Plumbing Drains and Pest Control

Do Scorpions Come Up Through the Toilet?

Can Scorpions Live in the Plumbing Drains?

Do Scorpions Die When You Flush Them Down the Toilet?

We get a lot of questions about scorpions and home plumbing systems. These three are just a few that we hear every day. From phone calls to emails, here at Magic Pest Control our in-house team of pest control experts at our Gilbert offices have the answers…and you definitely have the questions.

So, let’s answer some of the more common scorpion questions that come across our emails and phone lines…and when our pest control professionals are out on the job.

Can Scorpions Live in Drains?

Yes, scorpions can live in drains. In fact, they can survive in water for two days!! So, if you see one floating around your swimming pool, as they often do, don’t be tempted to touch it because you think it’s dead. There’s a good possibility that scorpion is still alive.

Scorpions can live in the drains, but they don’t often do so. Drains are slippery and smooth…or, at least, they’re suppose to be. As your plumbing becomes corroded over time from hard water, there is a slight possibility that a scorpion could make it’s way up your drain.

Can I Flush a Scorpion Down the Toilet?

Well, you can, but not if you’re trying to kill it. Because scorpions are extremely resilient, and because they can survive in water for two days, flushing them down the toilet will just get rid of them…for the time being.

Your best bet is to grab a shovel to kill a scorpion. Or, better yet, call in the scorpion killing experts.

So, if you see a scorpion in your sink, bathtub or shower, call in a scorpion treatment expert. We’ll let you know if that scorpion is coming up your drains.

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