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How Scorpions Enter Homes

How Scorpions Enter Homes

Scorpions are one of the broadest taxonomic group of Arachnids. There are almost 2000 species of termites in the world!

They neither belong to insects category nor spiders class. These creatures are carnivorous in nature. They paralyze other animals with their stings which are located at the end of their tail and feed on the prey.

The two large claws they possess opportune them to firmly hold on their prey, hunt and feed on them.

Scorpions can also be identified based on gender; Male and female. The female scorpion possesses a wider body than the male counterpart. It’s possible for them to carry up to 35 young scorpions inside their bodies for a year before they reproduce. Male scorpions are easily identified during mating. They take hold of the female scorpion pedipalps of their own in an elaborate mating dance.

The typical environment in which they dwell in allow them to have a broad range of prey that provides them with the necessary nutrient to survive.

Scorpions are typically energetic at night. They feed on a variety of insects, spiders, lizards, etc. by capturing and crushing them with their pincers.

They can as well use the stingers to inject venom into their victims. This action weakens their victims, and they seize the opportunity feed on them with ease.

Scorpions can kill prey without venom injection. They can quickly adapt to any situation.

These animals otherwise known as desert dwellers can also be found in tropical rainforest, savanna, mountains and grasslands. They are earthy animals that need to loose soil for survival.

Scorpions hide under rocks and logs to conserve their energy and stay calm. They like warm and dark places. They are hard to keep out of the house. Sometimes, they hide in garages or pile of things or crawl into shoes…

They LOVE shoes, so keep your eyes on your toes!

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