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Scorpion Stings Child (based on a true story)

Scorpion Stings Child (based on a true story)

I don’t know about you, but I use to shake out my shoes every single time I put them on in the mornings. In fact, if I had to get up in the middle of the night I would even shake out my slippers…

Because, you know, you have to wear some type of foot protection in Arizona during scorpion season.

Those little buggers are everywhere! Especially depending on where you live.

And the thing is, I knew they were around my home, but I always figured they were outside. I always figured we’d get one or two a year and that would be it…no big deal. You kill the one or two in the house each year, and you move on with your day.

Well, that was all great until that one…the one scorpion that came into our home that one time…was in my son’s bedroom.

If you have kids, if you’ve heard about what a scorpion sting can do to little ones, seeing a scorpion in your son’s bedroom will probably be a pretty terrifying sight.

My son is two, and so a scorpion sting would absolutely mean a trip to the emergency room, anti-venom treatment, and no doubt thousands of dollars in medical fees…we don’t have the best insurance…but, I mean, who does?!

Just one scorpion in your home could mean the difference between a normal Tuesday and a terrible Tuesday.

Here’s how one scorpion can change your child’s day:

At 10am your child is playing in the toy room. You’re doing some light cleaning.

At 10:15am your child screams, and it’s the type of scream that sends you running through the house. You don’t see any blood. You check for bumps and broken bones…nothing, but your little one is still screaming.

At 10:30am, after some calming down, your little one has stopped crying but has started to sweat and complain that their arm hurts. You assume it’s just kids being kids, the sweat was from all the crying and the arm hurting is just another ploy for attention.

At 10:35am your son begins to twitch and complains that both feet are hurting. The sweating has continued and your child is having trouble keeping balance. You call the pediatrician and you notice a small red spot on your son’s arm. The pediatrician tells you to call poison control.

At 10:37am poison control tells you it sounds like a scorpion sting, keep an eye on your son, if symptoms do not dissolve in 15 minutes, call them back.

At 10:45am your son is not speaking in tongues…literally…using words that don’t make any sense. He’s obviously in a great deal of pain but isn’t crying. He’s not walking, not really doing much of anything, but mumbling.

At 10:47am you call poison control back. Your son’s eyes are now glazed over. Poison control asks where you’re located and calls the nearest emergency room to have them get anti-venom ready. You leave immediately.

At 11:00am you are rushed into the emergency room where they are already waiting. Your son is kicking, screaming, flailing about everywhere, speaking a language that you can’t understand, scratching and biting, drooling, has gone temporarily blind, and is literally twitching. It’s the most terrifying, nightmare inducing scene you could ever imagine. And nothing that you do or say to your son can break him from this uncontrollable fit his body is having.

At 11:02 he gets anti-venom and meds.

At 11:30 his eyes come back, his speech come back and the pain subsides.

You can tell from the look in the nurses eyes that it was scary for them too. But it’s going to be ok.

This is not a made up story. This truly and honestly happened to a client of ours. Her son was stung, and this was the exact reaction that scorpion sting caused her son to have.

Don’t think that just because there in one scorpion in your house just once a year that it can’t cause harm.

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