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Scorpion Seasons by Month

Scorpion Seasons by Month

If you are worried about pest infestations like termites it’s also extremely important to worry about infestations like scorpions. Scorpions tend to be more active during certain parts of the year and it doesn’t take long before scorpions and termites can infest your home and potentially put yourself, your property and your family at risk.

Here are some top things to consider about scorpion season in Phoenix:

January and February: scorpions have very poor tolerance for the cold and as a result they often make their way into homes during the winter. One of the first places where you can start to see the signs of scorpions is as they borrow up to the block walls in the foundation as well as through ductwork in a home.

With a warmer winter scorpions may also be more active early on in this means that you could see them potentially moving into your home early on as well. As scorpions grow more active and start to sense the season changing, this can often result in the chance of scorpions potentially ruining your home.

March through April: during this time of year humidity levels often rise in Phoenix and this can make scorpions very quickly flush their way to areas where the temperatures remain warmer and where they will have access to food. This is usually some of the first times that you will see the signs of scorpions as they come out of the areas where they’ve been wintering.

Scorpions can often be found in upstairs areas such as attics, ceilings as well as in garages. This is also one of the most popular times for past care and controlled spraying with the frequency that customers will see scorpions.

From May through August: during this time it’s quite possible to see active scorpions extremely often before the weather begins to turn and they consider going back into wintering. Not only is this a time or scorpions are the most active but also the most likely to potentially sting.

Between July and August is the time or poison control receives the most reports of scorpion stings.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you are dealing with termite infestations are scorpion infestations, Remember to call the professionals if you need assistance dealing with scorpions.

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