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Bugs Be Gone: Regular Pest Control Makes Good Sense


Although Arizona residents are not thrilled with recent unseasonal, above-average temperatures, many pests and bugs are happy and maybe sticking around longer than usual before retreating for the winter. Scorpions, black widow spiders, rodents, and termites feel at home in and around yours and can pose serious health risks to you and your family.

You may start noticing a few pests inside or outside your home. You can deal with that yourself, right? A little insect spray should make that pesky bug go away. But then you begin to see more – and that’s when you decide to call a pest control company to come and treat this particular pest issue. Surely that will take care of it, right?

But after a few weeks, those pests start showing up again. Now you’re upset that the pest control service didn’t work – and you’re annoyed at the time and money you spent. How can you ever get ahead of this pest control issue?

The reality is that effective pest control isn’t about eradicating pests once you see them. It’s about consistently battling pests before you see them. Because once you encounter a few, there’s usually more.

Routine vs. one-time service takes the worry out of when your next pest outbreak might be. Ongoing maintenance performed regularly and customized to your home size and location will help you remain pest-free year-round.   And there are other advantages:

  • To Every Pest There is a Season. Each weather change brings its own pest challenges; your pest control professional can anticipate these and modify treatment methods accordingly. In Arizona, where the climate is mild year-round, the bugs never stop – so preventive treatment is the only real solution.
  • Not Here, Buddy. Bugs are adaptable and will move from one location to another if their habitat becomes hostile. So if your neighbors have pet control service, their bugs may find your home and property more attractive. Regular proactive service not only curtails existing pests, but helps prevent new ones from moving in.
  • One Thing Leads to Another. Individual pests are only one part of an ecosystem that works in unity to attack your home. A rodent might chew a hole that another pest uses to get in. One pest might only be living in your home because it is feeding on another pest that sneaked into your wall voids. If you have spiders, you probably have flies, and so on. You get the idea. The only effective way to create a pest-free environment is to address the problem as an entire ecosystem.
  • This is the best part! Should bugs present a problem any time of year, regular maintenance service includes a warranty that provides service between service calls. Should an issue arise, the company will come and retreat at no cost. It’s like a health insurance policy for your home and peace of mind.


Year-round pest control is really a no-brainer. It’s money well spent to prevent issues, rather than paying thousands more after the pests invade your property and cause damage you need to repair. Whether you own a business or home, or rent an apartment, regular pest management is the way to go. And you choose the program that fits your needs – monthly, quarterly or annually.


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