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Record Mosquitos in Arizona

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Record Mosquitos in Arizona

According to surveys, Arizona is having record numbers of mosquitos in Maricopa due to the heavy rains.

Maricopa County officials say they have received more than 10,000 complaints this year, which is almost double the rate for 2013, the Associated Press reports.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of mosquitoes, a majority of them are floodwater mosquitoes. Those are the ones that have been generating most of the calls,” said County Environmental Services Department spokesman Johnny Dilone.

This has caused a concern in Arizona as many people have become sick. According to the Arizona Republic:

“West Nile virus, the most serious of the mosquito-borne diseases, has been detected in 184 mosquitoes this year, up from 139 in 2013. The virus has killed eight people this year in Arizona, six of them in Maricopa County, according to state and county officials. The overall numbers are on track with a year ago.”

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