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Recognizing the Signs of a Termite Infestation

Recognizing the Signs of a Termite Infestation

Recognizing the signs of a termite infestation is not always easy for an untrained eye. Magic Pest Control has been in business for over 31 years and is experienced in dealing with pests of all kinds. Our termite experts are ready to help rid your home of termites. Discover the level of this pest infestation and let us show you how to rid your home and furnishings of this invasive species.

Termites can damage ceilings, floors, walls, and foundations. Once locating a place to inhabit, termites begin destroying your property with around the clock activity. These pests eat day and night and can go undetected until destruction has ballooned into expensive repairs. Structural damage caused by termites can weaken the wood supports in your home, creating a dangerous structural hazard.

Recognizing the Signs of a Termite Infestation

Types of Termites:

There are at least 2000 types of termites but the primary culprits in the average home are Drywood termites. Dampwood termites like wet areas and dry wood are unappealing to these pests. Drywood termites are capable of destroying quite a few elements in the home, wallpaper, plastics and fabrics. Dirt along wall spaces might be a sign of Drywood termites. Subterranean termites eat into plumbing, foundations, and wood, flourishing in soil and are extremely destructive to property.

Signs of Termites:

Termites operate in swarms. They can cause costly damage before they are discovered. Termites are capable of living in floors ceilings or walls, eating away at the structure of your home. Seek professional help, riding your home of these home-destroying pests.

Termite Presence:

Solid wood hollowed out

Small wings debris

Noise in walls

Ground up dust

Dirt Noodles on Walls


The best way to avoid a problem is to take care of it before it starts. Our inspectors are able to find termite damage giving you the opportunity to have it corrected before you make the purchase. Restoring a home is an expensive project. It is better to discover foundation and structural supports are weak before a purchase, rather than after funds are committed. Termite damage makes an already expensive purchase, more so. This eats away at your investment.

Control termites by letting our professionally trained staff check every aspect of your home for these vermin. A termite inspection protects your home from expensive repairs. These pests will feed on your home if the structure is left untreated. Call our office today and let us check your home for termites.


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