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Termites, a frightening word that no one wants to think about. A word you especially don’t want to hear when buying or selling a home. Such a simple insect that can cause so much damage to not only your home, but your peace of mind. Termites are a problem that many people encounter when buying or selling a home here in Gilbert/ Phoenix. The number one thing to remember is you do not want to be caught off guard! Termites are sly insects that rapidly work to destroy your home. More times than not, they don’t make themselves known until the damage is quite extensive.

Let us help you…

At Magic Pest Control we will confirm with preciseness, the presence or absence of termites in your home by providing you with a Wood Destroying Insect Information Report. We have experienced staff that performs every termite inspection at the highest level of priority. Whether you are buying or selling a home, Magic Pest Control can help.

Why choose us?

  • Same day inspections
  • Exceptional staff of inspectors and technicians with 31 years experience!
  • MLS Lock Box Access
  • Termite reports are delivered the same day of inspection via email or FAX
  • Premium Reports start at $125.00 and come with a one year warranty

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