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How To Prevent Mosquito Illness

How To Prevent Mosquito Illness

Monsoon season is not over yet, and the mosquitoes are just beginning to become bothersome. But, mosquitoes are more than bothersome, they can be quite dangerous.

From the Zika Virus to the West Nile Virus to more common illnesses, mosquitoes can carry all sorts of dangerous diseases.

Did you know that Magic Pest Control does mosquito fogging? Keep mosquitoes away from your home, pets and family by having a pest control expert come out and fog for mosquitoes. There is no better way to keep mosquitoes away from your family.

While mosquitoes carrying fatal diseases are not incredibly common, there is still a high percentage of Arizona mosquitoes that can be extremely dangerous, particularly to children and seniors.

To help prevent mosquitoes and mosquito bites:

  • Eliminate standing water where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. Check for items outside the home that collect water, such as cans, bottles, jars, buckets, old tires, drums and other containers and get rid of them.
  • Change water in flower vases, birdbaths, planters, troughs, and animal watering pans at least twice a week. Be sure to scrub them out when changing water.
  • Repair leaky pipes and outside faucets, and move air conditioner drain hoses frequently to prevent standing water.
  • If you have a swimming pool, keep it operational. If you must keep it out of use, make sure you remove the standing water, keep it chlorinated, or run the filter daily.
  • Even a short time being outdoors can be long enough to get a mosquito bite. Take extra care to use insect repellent and protective clothing. When outdoors, use an EPA-registered and CDC approved insect repellent.
  • Keep mosquitoes outside by having well-fitting screens on both windows and doors.

If you have mosquitoes at your home, the best thing you can do is give Magic Pest Control a call. We’ll take care of those mosquitoes for you!

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