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Preparing for a Pest Control Inspection


Preparing for a Pest Control Inspection

You do a lot to take good care of your Gilbert, AZ home. From regular maintenance to upgrades, there are always things to be done to keep your home safe, functional, and enjoyable.

Pest control is definitely one of those services that is needed in the region to keep your home in its best shape. One form of pest control you will want to have a regular basis is a termite inspection.

Termites are common in the state of Arizona and in surrounding regions. Unfortunately, termites are real pests. Known for destroying wood in particular, termites can damage homes so badly that floors can cave in and trees can topple over.

Since termites are so small and even quiet, many people do not even realize when they have a termite infestation.

That’s why’s it’s important to have termite inspection often. You can prepare for your inspection by:

Removing Items that Block Access to Sinks and Pipes

One of termites’ favorite things is wet, moist environments. For that reason, evidence of termites can often be found near faucets, pipes, or standing pools of water. An inspector may have to look under the sinks and in any spaces that pipes are exposed, so clear the way to make it easy for him or her.

Clearing Items Away from the Home and External Features

Notorious of their love of wood, termites frequently create nests near or hide in walls. Often, evidence of termites can be found around the outside of the home. External features like sheds, porches, and garages are also common hiding spaces for termites. Most inspectors will want to take a close look at these areas. They will also probably rap and tap on surfaces to listen for hollowed out places. Along with removing items, trim back vegetation as well.

Making a Way for the Inspector to Access Both the Highs and the Lows of the Home

When your Gilbert, AZ home has a termite inspection, an inspector is likely to need to access your attic or crawlspace. If there is room beneath your home, like under the porch, the inspector may want to go there as well. Make a convenient access point.

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