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Pest Spotlight: Desert Subterranean Termite

Pest Spotlight: Desert Subterranean Termite

The desert subterranean termite can be found throughout the southwestern states.

They can be very destructive from plants like cactus to large buildings.  They repopulate quickly and can have secondary queens to expand the colony.

They will readily construct mud shelter tubes up, over or around solid objects in order to reach a timber food source. These mud-tubes are slender, solidly built and pale yellow to tan in color.

Many of these colonies can reach up to 300,000 termites and can splinter off into many directions.  Desert subterranean termites often build their mud-shelter tubes as free standing tubes that “drop down” from rafters, ceilings and subfloor areas under buildings.

Magic Pest Control uses proprietary methods to removed subterranean termites.

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